What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, out-of-court proceeding where a neutral, disinterested third party called a “mediator” helps the parties resolve their dispute. Mediation can be an efficient, effective way of resolving disputes without going to court, especially for small and micro business owners.  If a lawsuit has already been filed, a mediator can assist the parties in reaching a settlement and avoiding trial. 

The mediator makes no decision that is binding on the parties; rather, the mediator helps the parties explore and discuss solutions so that the matter can be resolved fairly and quickly.  The mediation session is confidential; generally, nothing discussed or disclosed can be used against a party in court.  If a settlement is reached during mediation, the parties usually execute a settlement agreement to ensure the settlement is binding and enforceable in court.

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Mediation Rates and Fees:

Hourly Rate: $400/hr. Half and full day scheduling. Full days (in person) include catered lunch and snacks. Travel and lodging reimbursement for mediations held outside of Los Angeles and Orange County.  In person at various locations, or at location desired by parties.

“Virtual” Mediation: virtual mediation is available via Zoom, GoToMeeting and other web conference platforms upon request

Please contact Ms. Bristol to schedule a mediation at (818) 744-3407 or via email at

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Erica Bristol, Esq., Mediator

Erica Bristol has served as a commercial mediator since 2006. Her practice areas include intellectual property, business transactions and real estate.
Ms. Bristol completed the Los Angeles County Bar Association/ Dispute Resolution Services’ Mediation Training Program. In addition to her commercial practice, she serves as a Neutral for the United States District Court, Central District in Los Angeles, and the Santa Barbara Superior Courts. She is an Executive Committee Advisor for the Intellectual Property Law Section of the California Lawyers Association.
A copy of Ms. Bristol’s curriculum vitae can be downloaded here.

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