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Evening Legal™ is a virtual boutique law firm for small and micro business owners, providing legal services at affordable pricing, with flexible “after hours” consultation to accommodate the busy business owner. Services include entity counseling and formation, contract drafting and review, and intellectual property protection.

Solving the “Access and Cost” Problem

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Small/micro business owners need access to legal services, but usually can’t afford to hire a lawyer and don’t budget for one because of the cost.  Evening Legal was founded to solve the “access and cost” problem by providing small and micro business owners with quality legal services, at affordable rates. We only represent small and micro business owners, so we understand your needs.

Available “After Hours”

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Many small and micro business owners get the best work done after hours when calls, emails and interruptions cease, it’s quiet, and there’s time to focus. Those “golden hours” can make all the difference for a small business. They can also be the best (or only) time to talk with a lawyer. Evening Legal™ provides “after hours” legal services to accommodate the business owner’s busy day.  Phone and Zoom-based consultations are available from 6-10pm Monday through Friday and on weekends by appointment.  Consultations during regular business hours are also available.

Legal Education and Training

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Sometimes a small business needs education. Evening Legal™ provides in-person and webinar based education and training for owners, management and staff on topics such as contract drafting and negotiation, company policies, legal duties of directors and officers, intellectual property protection, privacy, and other topics. Please contact us to schedule a session.

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